Caring for the poor on health-related issues, scope and impact on communities

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providing financial operation towards ensuring accountability and limited conflict of interest.

Project Highlights – Health Through the unflinching support of our volunteers, we were able to form Youth Coalition of about 100 youths to help in coordinating the conduct of youths in Ede South Local Government Area in order to prevent them from being recruited by politicians to serve as political thugs. We also conducted trainings for community members on topics such as malaria, HIV, hygiene and water sanitation, amongst others. We have continued to work with National Malaria Network (ACOMIN) for successful treatment of malaria and environmental sanitation, others. In September, we also ran our annual Health Awareness Day which offered health checks, useful information and other activities for the whole community.

Project Highlights – Livelihood

Under our vocational training program, young people attended training and study to learn a relevant skill within a specific occupation that they can use to make a living in the future. Several youths attended vocational training programmes and have now graduated in the field of hair dressing and mobile handset repair. We continued to offer stipends as financial support to indigent poorest of the poor women to start small scale trading. This has helped many women to be engaged in petty trading as a means of improving their livelihood. The young girls were trained on how to make candle sticks which are sold locally at various shops in Fadullah to help us raise additional funds for their families to use in the payment of their school fees.

HIV/AIDS Awareness And Promotion of Safe Sex Among The Reproductive Age Groups in Ede North And South And Ifelodun LGAs of Osun State

Project Highlights – Other Activities In October, we conducted a Two-Day capacity building program for ECHF staff and volunteers for brainstorming ideas for the future of the organization. We also continued to work with our local partners, who provided us with logistics support during the conduct of our activities. Throughout the year we engaged many of our volunteers, both for short and long term activities and were grateful to work with us. They were involved in our fundraising activities and awareness creation.

Classrooms fumigation in Ede, Osun State. Nigeria. Our Team, Supporters and Partners In 2019 we had the pleasure of working with and being supported by a wide-range of exceptional individuals, organisations and businesses. We would like to thank all of them for their unwavering support. They include: Proposed cluster organizations: 1. Synergy Rescue Initiative based in Osun State. Its many years of experience working on right issues has added value in our fight for the rights of women and the girl child. 2. Center for Advancement of Liberal Culture and Healthy Living’s wealth of experience in humanitarian activities among internally displaced persons made great impact on most of our health awareness programs. 3. CleanNation Foundation has been a long standing partner in our community mobilization activities through their support by supplying IEC materials. Eminent Charitable and Humanitarian Foundation is also member of the following Coalitions and they have, in one way or the other, contributed in the successful implementation of our programs in the year under review: 1. Civil Society for HIV/AIDS in Nigeria (CiSHAN). 2. Africa Alive. 3. Network of NGOs in Osun State (NETNOS).4. Global water partnership 5. National Youth Council. 6. Youth Action Net. 7. Tuberculosis Coalition Osun State Chapter.

8. Global Youth Coalition on HIV & AIDS (GYCA). 9. Association of Civil Society Organizations working on Malaria, Immunization and Nutrition. 10. Association of Orphans and Vulnerable Children Non-Governmental Organizations of Nigeria (AONN). We extend our gratitude to families and individuals who continue to support us financially in order to impact on the lives of our community members. They have been the bedrock of our organization and we are grateful to our many supporters locally and abroad - our work wouldn’t have been successful without you. Finally we wish to thank our amazing staff, volunteers and community and religious leaders for their moral support over the last year. Offering a vast range of expertise and a passion for helping the most vulnerable Nigerian children, women and youths we are especially grateful for their contributions. Our Future Plans ECHF is planning to work in supporting the contemporary NGOs both locally and nationally to make the lives of women and youth more meaningful in Nigeria. Over the years we have grown as a self-reliant Non-Governmental Organization, and so has our reach and impact on the Ede Community and Osun State as a whole. We have plans to increase local income generation through resource mobilization activities and proposal writing, introducing vocational training in house as well as supporting exit strategies for those youths we trained on vocational skills. We also intend to continue with the development of our new building and land, which will help us in the implementation of our activities beneficial to Ede Community and the entire Country.

There are many exciting ideas and activities planned for 2020 and we hope you will join us on the journey towards achieving them. Thank you